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Crashes are the Leading Cause of Death for Teens


Many teens drive used cars.  Unfortunately, due to the high cost of air bags and the lower priced cars that fit a new driver's budget, poorly repaired or missing air bags or other Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) are a high risk. 

Air Bags Increase Survivability Rates 11% for the Driver and 14% for the Passenger 

We, and any other ethical company that deals with the aftermath of automobile accidents, believe strongly in prevention first.   

The cost of a safety inspection by a licensed Airbag Service technician is minimial.  The cost of your teen's air bags, seatbelt or SRS needlessly failing during an accident is tragic.

What Parents Can Do

  • Get your family's used cars inspected by a certified air bag technician
  • Check tire pressure and tire tread once a month
  • Before your teen rides with others, ask if their safety system has been inspected
  • Remind your teen to always buckle-up
  • Talk about driving risks with your child
  • Data Sources: NHTSA, IIHS 

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